Scituate Access Programs

Access programs provide primary health care services to low to moderate income Scituate residents who have no health insurance or health insurance that does not cover primary health and dental care.  The only cost to the patient is $10 per visit. There is an annual renewal application for eligibility. Each eligible member of the program should have an annual physical and dental exam, and vision and lab services as recommended.

Health Access

The Alliance contracts with primary health care providers who provide an annual physical and sick visits for qualified patients. The program is for office visits only.

Dental Access

The Alliance contracts with dentists who provide an annual exam and cleaning for qualified patients. This program is for preventative care only.

Clinical Lab Vouchers

This program provides vouchers for laboratory tests which are ordered by health care providers in conjunction with a patient’s annual physical.

Vision Access

The Alliance contracts with eye care specialists to provide an annual vision exam, if recommended by your primary care provider.


Baby And Breastfeeding Information Education Support
Making the decision to have a child, pregnancy, childbirth and the care of a newborn can be exciting, challenging and overwhelming.  The Scituate Health Alliance offers a program called Scituate BABIES to provide local, affordable supportive services to expectant families. Sharing these experiences with your neighbors and friends will make the event all the more special. This program includes childbirth education classes, home visits and breastfeeding and newborn care support. 

Residents of any town may participate in the Childbirth Education Classes taught by a certified childbirth educator.  Classes include what to expect during labor, breastfeeding and newborn care. New moms are offered a home visit every day for the first week by a registered nurse. In addition, support groups will form based on new parent needs.  It’s a great opportunity to meet other expectant Scituate families, share your experience without even having to travel out of town!

Sign up for Text4Baby by texting "BABY" to 511411 to recieve text messages regarding information about caring for the health of mothers and babies.  The program was designed to provided text-length health information and resources by using a personal and timely channel of communication, a cell phone.  The due date is requested and then text messages are sent to your phone that correlate to the stage of your pregnancy or the age of your infant.

Flu Clinics

The Scituate Health Alliance offers annual flu clinics to the residents of Scituate.  This is a free service offered to town residents.  In addition to the Annual Town-Wide Flu clinic, there are Flu clinics scheduled to accommodate the Town employees, School teachers and staff, and local business employees.  Flu clinics are listed on the Calendar page and if you are interested in scheduling a flu clinic in the Fall, please contact us at

Health Screenings

There are many opportunities for the Scituate Health alliance to provide various health screenings.  Health screenings can help identify medical conditions and offer an opportunity to provide early intervention.

Scituate Lion’s Club Annual Scholarship Breakfast 
Each June, the Scituate Lion’s club holds its annual Scholarship Breakfast at the North Scituate Elementary School.  The Scituate Health Alliance is there to provide BP, Cholesterol and Glucose screening as well as offer information about the Scituate Access Programs.  Check the Calendar for dates.

Scituate Art Festival

The Scituate Health Alliance has a booth at the Art Festival where we can provide BP, Cholesterol and Glucose screening as well as information about the Scituate Access Programs.

Health Information Services

Scituate Health Alliance has partnered with North Scituate Public Library, Hope Public Library and the Scituate Early Learning Center  to provide Health Information displays at each location. As part of their Senior Clinical experience in Community and Public Health Nursing, student nurses from Rhode Island College School of Nursing provide Health Information Services at the Scituate Senior Center.

Each month the display will change and may include information about a topic being studied locally in school, a local health concern, diet and nutrition, seasonal health issues  or any health concern that our residents may be inquiring about.  The Topic for the Month is listed on the Calendar page.

The Scituate Health Alliance is always looking for topics of interest.  If you have any suggestions about any topics, please contact the North Scituate Public Library, Hope public Library or the Alliance.