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National Immunization Awareness Month- Protect Yourself and Pass that Protection on to Your Baby

During pregnancy, you often think about baby names, nursery colors and prenatal vitamins, but you should also think about vaccines. Vaccines during pregnancy help protect you and your babyI

Before becoming pregnant you should be up to date on all routine immunizations.

Two vaccines are routinely recommended for pregnant women:

  • Flu Vaccine- Pregnant women can get the flu vaccine at any time during their pregnancy. Flu vaccination should begin in October each year.
  • Tdap Vaccine- Women should get a Tdap vaccine during each pregnancy between 27 and 36 weeks. This vaccine helps protect your baby from whooping cough until they are able to receive their own vaccine at 2 months old.

You can find more information about vaccines during pregnancy at:


Your pregnancy is also a great time to start learning about childhood vaccines. These vaccines will provide your growing child with safe and proven disease prevention.


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